Dr. Katherine Lamb – MIFireE, MSc (Oxon), BSc (hons)

Dr. Lamb is the founder and CEO of Klamb Associates Ltd. She is a respected authority on Incident Command training and assessment. For the last seven years, she has specialised in Incident Command and Crisis Decision Making, and developed and established the training and assessment method, Effective Command ™. This development tool (accredited by Skills for Fire Awards) is used to train and assess Command Competence and Decision Making, and is widely used throughout the international fire service community.

This methodology has also been published in several scientific, peer-reviewed articles on the origin and application of Competence Assessment methodologies within the Fire Service environment. In addition, with an MSc in Radiation Biology from the University of Oxford and a Cell Biology doctorate at the University of London, Dr. Lamb is an able practitioner and an expert within the hazardous materials domain and is proficient in the development of courses and facilitation of simulation-based training for both skill acquisition and competence assessment.

Costa Olymbios – GIFire, Incident Command Assessor ILM.

Costa is a former tactical level Fire Service commander with over thirty years of operational experience, who spent the last seven years of his fire service career working in training and development, leading the Incident command and assessment department.

Responsible for the development and assessment of firefighters and fire officers up-to and including the Chief Fire Officer.
Costa delivered a significant number of projects related to Incident command, such as the design and build of a command training facility, introduction of new command vehicles, the introduction of the Incident command verification process and the and delivery of L4 assessments to Strategic Officers from neighbouring FRS’s.

His team designed and delivered training that was aligned to the UK Fire National Framework, which included themes such as multi-agency widespread flooding, MTA, Hazardous Materials, and large-scale petrochemical response.

A qualified command training instructor and assessor with extensive experience in Hazardous Materials Environmental Protection, Petro-Chemical Firefighting, Water Rescue and Fire Investigation.

He ensures that all training and assessments are in accordance with legal requirements and provide Service assurance by exercising officers at all levels against known and perceived risks in the Service’s response area.

Costa has travelled to China and presented to the Chinese government on command excellence, and he has also presented at the Emergency Services Show. Senior Officer delegates from China continue to attend training in Essex annually.

Since working for K Lamb Associates Costa has continued to build, deliver training and mentor fire officers from a large number of fire and rescue services in the UK the Middle East, Asia and Australasia.

Malcolm Farrow BA(hons), CertEd

Malcolm is a former tactical level Fire Service commander with over thirty years of operational experience, who has spent the last twelve years working in training and development of firefighters and fire officers up to and including the Chief Fire Officer.

A qualified instructor with extensive experience in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of Incident Command development, maintenance and assessment for the Service and assisting other Departments regarding Command policy and standards.

Management of the Incident Command Suite and the simulation software within including Hydra, Minerva, Vector, Train-Station, Fire Studio, etc.

The design and creation of exercises from simple scene/risk assessments to large multi-site Major Incidents. Designing training and exercises for other Service Departments such as Fire Safety and Urban Search and Rescue.

Design of Crisis Management exercises from HR issues to major events which impact the organisation, management, employees and business continuity.

Projects initiated include the introduction of Command Decision Logs and training, Gold Command packs and assisting with the Strategic Response Arrangements and individual Operational Command Assessments. Training delivery of national programmes such as MTFA and JESIP.

Kevin Haywood

Kevin retired as a Level 3 Tactical Commander in September 2019 after completing 30 years of Service within United Kingdom Fire & Rescue Service. Kevin began his career in East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service until joining County Durham & Darlington Fire & Rescue Service in 2010. In 2012 Kevin joined Essex County Fire & Rescue Service.

Throughout Kevin’s career he has been involved in Training Personnel across organisations designing and developing Training Courses for Fire Service colleagues and private companies. Kevin’s mantra is ‘…Training is the most important thing any organisation must do; it forms the basis of every standards in any organisation…’

Kevin is a qualified Command Training instructor and Assessor providing training and assessment for Fire Service Commanders from Level 1/Initial Incident Commander Level up to and including Level 4/Strategic Incident Command Level and is one of very few UK FRS personnel to have completed the United States’ ICS 400 Incident Command Course with TEEX, Texas A&M University.

Kevin’s career has given him a breadth of operational activity and experience; Level 3/Advanced Incident Commander, Swift Water Officer, Water Incident Manager, Hazardous Materials and Environmental Protection Officer, Radiation Protection Adviser, Lead Detection, Identification and Monitoring Team Officer for East of England Area, Lead Trainer and Team Leader for Fire Service Marauding Terrorist Attack Response..

Kevin also has very comprehensive experience of designing and developing training courses for First Aid, Trauma, Casualty Care and MTA Trauma.

Tim Cutbill – MBA MiFE

Tim served in the London Fire Brigade (LFB) for thirty-one years, progressing from fire-fighter to Assistant Commissioner. Throughout his career, he focussed on providing a professional service the public with an emphasis on safety. He is a specialist in interoperability between services and counter-terrorism and lead teams responsible for event planning (2012 Olympics, Royal weddings), Londons transport infra-structure (London Undergound, Crossrail) and counter-terrorism response (London 2005 and 2017).

In 2012 Tim became the national Fire Rescue Service (FRS) Strategic lead for inter-operability, liaising with central government and partner agencies to develop and implement innovative changes including the multi-agency Counter-Terrorism (CT) doctrine. He was also the strategic lead for the London Resilience Group, having delegated responsibility for the Mayors of Londons Civil Contingencies Act responsibilities, ensuring that the wider London 170 partners plan for and respond to events in a coordinated way.

Tim’s FRS career culminated in a secondment to the UK government Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), where he regularly travelled overseas, sharing best practice and helping capacity building in partner countries.

Since retiring, Tim has set up Protect and Prepare Limited. The company’s aim being to share a multi-agency approach to crisis management both within the UK and internationally. Protect and Prepare are currently supporting the Qatari government in the preparations for the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

Mike Picknett BEM BSc

Mike is a former Strategic level commander with over thirty years of operational experience in challenging environments that included 36 top tier COMAH sites, a busy hazardous cargo port and large areas of social deprivation.

He has a wealth of experience in multi-agency command at Tactical and Strategic level and is a qualified NILO officer with seven years’ experience. Mike was an active member of the Local Resilience Forum. His role in multi-agency emergency planning was key to ensuring command competence across all emergency services in respect of Major Incidents.

Mike had a leading role in Industrial Liaison and supporting high hazard industry in preparedness and response capability, including the seamless interaction with Emergency Services.

In recent years, Mike has also acted as a command advisor to several EU funded emergency service projects across Europe working in seven countries, with many Security Critical Agencies.

Dave Fraser-Jones

Dave is a former Station Commander from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service. He has over thirty-one years of Operational, Training and Personnel Development experience, which includes large-scale multi-agency exercise building.

Eddie Davenport

After serving in the Armed Forces, Eddie joined Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service in 1992, where he served for over twenty-six years, rising to the rank of Station Commander.

Eddie has a wealth of Operational and Training and Development experience and has worked closely with the Fire Service College (Moreton in the Marsh) and Skills for Justice Awards in developing standards and processes in Quality Assurance for new qualifications.

Eddie currently works as an Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) for training organisations delivering Skills for Justice (SFJ) courses, including K Lamb Associates Ltd.