Malcolm is a former tactical level Fire Service commander with over 30 years of operational experience, who has spent the last 10 years working in training and development of firefighters and fire officers up to and including the Chief Fire Officer.

A qualified instructor with extensive experience in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of Incident Command development, maintenance and assessment for the Service and assisting other Departments regarding Command policy and standards.

Management of the Incident Command Suite and the simulation software within including Hydra, Minerva, Vector, Train-Station, Fire Studio etc.

The design and creation of exercises from simple scene/risk assessments to large multi-site Major Incidents. Designing training and exercises for other Service Departments such as Fire Safety and Urban Search and Rescue.

Design of Crisis Management exercises from HR issues to major events which impact the organisation, management, employees and business continuity.

Projects initiated include introduction of Command Decision Logs and training, Gold Command packs and assisting with the Strategic Response Arrangements and individual Operational Command Assessments. Training delivery of national programmes such as MTFA and JESIP.

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