Costa is a former tactical level Fire Service commander with over 30 years of operational experience, who spent his last 7 years of his fire service career working in training and development, leading the Incident command and assessment department.

Responsible for the development and assessment of firefighters and fire officers up-to and including the Chief Fire Officer.

A qualified command training instructor and assessor with extensive experience in Hazardous Materials Environmental Protection, Petro-Chemical Firefighting and Fire Investigation.

In his previous role with Essex County Fire and Rescue he was also responsible for the provision of basic and continuation training to both internal and external candidates.

His team designed and delivered training that was aligned to the UK Fire National Framework, which included themes such as Multi agency widespread flooding, MTFA, Hazardous Materials, and large scale petrochemical response.

He ensured that all training and assessment was in accordance with legal requirements and provided Service assurance by exercising officers at all levels against known and perceived risks in the Service’s response area.

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